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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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making it official... today, the president-elect will nominate an oil executive as u-s secretary of state. making it official. today the president-elect will nominate an oil exec as u.s. secretary of state. the atf is expected to reveal the cause of the deadly fire in oakland. >> perhaps good news for oakland as the city and county get close to ponying up more than a billion dollars to keep the raisers at home. "today in the bay" starts right now. good tuesday morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> we'll talk raiders, also a little radar. it's firing up. >> i like that. we'll have light rain today, no big issues as you head out.
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grab the umbrella just in case. you'll have a chance of light rain moving through at any point, especially during this afternoon. we'll have the potential of very high tides today, expecting the tides to come up right at about 10:00 this morning, up to about seven feet. we'll also have king tides again tomorrow. all of this ahead of the next storm system. as of right now, tracking spotty light rain on our mobile doppler radar storm ranger. it will continue to track the storm as it moves closer. i'll have details on that. now mike is taking us to the tri-valley. >> an early morning crash reported as a hit-and-run chp. one car took off. the other one hit is over here north 680 shy of the 84 transition. not affecting the connector but before you get there, it will be on the right shoulder. at 4:30 in the morning, not a commute at all.
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looking over here toward the dub plichb area. some of these folks heading south off the dublin interchange. a smooth flow of traffic, a steady flow until you do have your commute out there. breaking news this morning, an unprecedented selection by donald trump once again, this time for america's next secretary of state. in the last half hour the president-elect nominated exxon mobil ceo rex tiller son to lead u.s. foreign policy. he's spent his entire ka flir business, no government experience, raising red flags even among republicans. in his statement the president-elect said tillerson's deal making skills are the reason he chose him. we'll have a light remove in the next half hour. in a matter of hours we are expected to officially learn what caused the deadliest fire in oakland's history. 36 people lost their lives in the oakland warehouse fire
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dubbed the ghost ship 11 days ago. the atf, we watched them meticulously sift through the rubble of that site for days trying to figure out what sparked the deadly 234r5e78s. this morning at 11:00 in the morning, a press conference will be held that could reveal what the cause of the fire was. meantime, as families evening early await those answers, the  makeshift memorial outside the warehouse continues to grow. last night first responders returned to the scene to remember the lives lost. a bell tolled 36 times, once for each person who died in the fire. >> it does provide closure to just realize that we were all a part of this. it was no one person. >> people are still coming out to the scene of the tragedy every day to place a candle or negotiator say a prayer, trying to come to grips with the immense loss of life. continuing coverage of the oakland warehouse fire is on our website,
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just click on the news section to get a page dedicated to the victims and be sure to tune in at 11:00 both on air and online as we'll show you that press conference live with the atf coming up at 11:00. a pivotal day for raider fans across the bay area as we look live at the oakland coliseum this morning. the raiders' current home turf. a big vote today could change that. city and county officials are expected to vote on a $1.3 billion plan to keep the team in oakland. that includes $350 million in public money. the new proposal was put together by former 9er and raiders star ronnie lott and his investment group. if it passes, lott and his group will present it in january. oakland and las vegas are the leading options right now for the raiders. >> happening today, santa clara county leaders will take the
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next step for new legal protection for undocumented immigrants. a new plan was approved to represent i78 grants who might face deportation under the trump administration. today they'll present findings on the cost for such a plan and how best to provide the help. they are working on an accelerated timeline saying the potential for quickly adding new policies and overzealous enforcement. san francisco man accused of running an escort system has been arrested for rape. police have been investigating david core ras co-for rape. he's facing charges of rape and keeping a house of prostitution. he runs his business through websites that includes craigslist. they're asking anyone victimized by carasco to come forward. a second arrest made in the shooting death of a richmond musician. deputies arrested ray simons.
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he's been arrested along with othe others. they believe the murder was inspired by hate. simons is white and the victim was african-american. another man, daniel porter kelly was arrested back in november. police are still looking for a third attacker. kris, six years in prison. that's the sentence for the man whose drunk driving spree killed someone in east san jose. carlos villalobos pleaded guilty to vic lar manslaughter. he hit six cars and trucks and the seventh collision killed the driver of a yellow volkswagen which happened to be a husband and father. his wife left the courthouse yesterday without speaking to reporters. >> this has been very hard on them. obviously he has a young daughter. she's only five years old. it's been very difficult for her and very difficult for his widow. >> prosecutors say villalobos
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could have been sentenced to ten years in prison. the court showed him leniency because of his age, 20 years old, and the fact he had in prior criminal record. the return of the rain after a couple of days to clear out. we take a familiar theme. >> that's right. we need the umbrellas again today as the rain returns and mild temperatures. this is a preview of what's to come. i'll have a look at the complete microclimate forecast with all that rain coming up. we're looking for more traffic as well. but we have a light commute so far. this is southbound 101. actually got really light over the last couple minutes. we'll check on things as we come down toward the city of san francisco. >> also coming up, bolders too big for a bulldozer. what the county's next step is. big for a bulldozer. what the county's next step is.
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. good tuesday morning. the time is 4:40. here is what to expect as we go through this week. heavy rain possible, most of it in the north bay at least to start out. the rest of the bay area seeing that heavy rain on thursday, also the return of king thooids that could cause minor flooding along the coastline. when the storm moves in, we could have winds gusting to 15 miles an hour.
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i'll detail all this coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> along the coast, that's the eastshore top of your screen, 14-minute drive from highway 4 down to the bay bridge toll plaza. we or looking at no problems for sunol. that crash cleared around highway 84. here is the south bay, no delays for 101, 85 or 280. a different traffic alert. look at this. crews are expected to start clearing out two huge wouldebou. bulldozers couldn't do the trick. santa cruz county has to bring a jackhammer in to break up the rocks. the rain is being blamed for that huge rock slide that crashed down on kings creek road in boulder creek. a dozen people are stuck at the center and the only way out is by foot. crews say it will take several days for them to clear the rock slide. the planned repair and retrofit of a major silicon valley dam is behind scheduled
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and overbudget. the anderson dam between san jose and morgan hill, the "mercury news" reports the initial $200 million price tag has doubled. work ruz originally slated to start in 2018. it's now looking more like 2020 at the earliest. board members will discuss the cost and schedule changes later today. something to think about as you hit the road this morning. a survey of the best and the worst states for drivers. take a guess where california ranks and find out if you're right in just a minute.
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just about 4:45 right now. we want to see if the roads are going to get worse because of the rain. >> it will, as we go through the week. today, not so much. some light rain. of course, we always see people spinning out and things like that. once the roads get even a little bit wet. we'll have the possibility today as we take a live look outside in san jose, a lot of cloudy skies. we start with dry weather. spotty light rain. we've powered up our storm ranger. we have it sitting on san bruno mountain. it will be scanning and filling in radar gaps as we go through the next couple days as the next storm system moves in. we are only tracking some spotty light rain at this point, but we will see the went getting more intense as the storm system
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continues to stream in moisture over the bay area. we're watching for the center of this storm that will be moving in as we go toward the end of the week, and when it gets here, that's when the winds will pick up and that rain gets really intense. that is expected to happen on thursday. in the meantime we have mostly dry weather, cool temperatures, 50 degrees in san jose and palo alto. hour-by-hour, looking at light rain moving in today. not much sunshine. we could all see light spotty rain today, and it won't be really soaking wet until late tomorrow evening when the next storm system arrives. it arrives first in the north bay and that's where the rain will continue for several hours. the winds picking up. where we see red on the commuter models, that shows heavy downpours and gusty winds. right behind the system the cold air moves in and we will have a
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cool and drier weekend. but the wind forecast really shows gusty winds especially along the coastline. this is the wind speeds, miles per hour from thursday into friday. we could have sustained winds at 40 miles an hour and also heavy rain and about one to two inches. we'll be watching our river stages, napa river downtown, it will be in the monitor stage and also for the russian river we'll also have the monitor stage. peaking early friday morning up to 18.5 feet. another look at the forecast coming up. mike has another problem on the track. >> we'll talk about the delayed potential for that. i'm going to say there's a delay on the tracks. over here looking toward the rest of the bay, no delay on the roadways. all the way approaching the bay bridge. a crash in richmond on city streets. so far your approach toward the bay bridge is great. the b.a.r.t. system is not the problem. b.a.r.t. is running well.
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h train likely delayed out of the central valley, a problem and we're looking at a freight train that has mechanical problems. we can't get the other trains past there. looking tofrd the bay bridge. no major problems. across the san mateo bridge a similarly light volume of traffic, westbound over to the peninsula without delay. back to you. >> this is why mike is so busy in the morning. new study reveals the best and worse states for drivers. according to a new, iowa is the best state for drivers, while california is the worst. the study evaluated all 50 states based on several factors including commute time and gas prices. sam, are you surprised? >> no, if you're telling me traffic is one of the criteria and potholes and other things, i'm not surprised. >> i'm not surprised either. big tech ceos expected to meet up with president-elect donald trump this week with the
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hopes of finding common ground. >> have not always seen eye to eye. for that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to landon dowdy live at jaurcnbc w headquarters. >> good morning to you both. wall street could start in the green. traders watching the federal reserve closely, a two-day policy meeting beginning today. the fed is expected to raise rates for the second time in a decade. on monday, the dow fell to 19,796. the nasdaq falling to 5,412. top tech executives set to meet with donald trump tomorrow. apple ceo, and facebook's sheryl sandberg will try to find some common ground after 2016's heated election cycle. what is on the agenda? trump is hoping to discuss job creation and how tech firms can
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work with the government to improve efficiency. prudential will be suspending sales of its life insurance policies through wells fargo until it completes an investigation into the bank's sales tactics. this comes after a lawsuit was filed claiming prudential tried to hush up evidence that wells fargo bankers opened fraudulent accounts in customers' names without their consent orr knowledge. sam and kris, back over to you. >> landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. first tourists, now google. a new agreement will soon give cuba faster internet access. that was just announced this week. it will allow google to install servers in cuba and share gmail and youtube. only 5% of the population of cuba uses the web. the cuban government has provided wi-fi hot spots in some cities, but the service is reportedly slow and expensive. the latest ranking of the
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richest american entrepreneurs under 40 years of age is filled with silicon valley entrepreneurs. mark zuckerberg leads the back with a net worth of $50 billion. number two is co-founder dustin moskovitz, garrett cam pell, three airbnb co-founders with a net worth of nearly $4 billion. the nominations are out and the golden globes announced who is up for this year's award. >> that's one of the headliners right there, romantic musical about life and hollywood charmed the hollywood foreign press. "la-la land" picked up seven nominations including best musical and comedy. >> her hersh la ali graduated from mount eden college.
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>> don't forget the globes air on nbc january 8th. jimmy fallon is going to host. coming up, a campus that's getting a little cramped with more students accepted at uc berkeley, dorm space very limited. cal employing creative solutionless. first, happening right now a big surprise form an entire third grade class. see california students' reactions when they were given bikes and helmets oprah style. over on our facebook page, the 18th annual fantasy of lights drive-through and find out how you can take part. we're back in just two minutes.
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good morning. looking live at the golden gate bridge. the weather is changing. make sure you have your umbrella ready because the rain is coming thursday, but some of us might get some before that. we'll talk with kari in just a minute. the stanford band is asking for its right to play on. three days from being suspended the group is appealing the decision. they've been under an alcohol ban. after yet another violation, the university announced it will no longer be a recognized campus organization. it will be out of action until 2018. when the band duds return, it will be led by a professional music director. in a statement band members says the punishment sends a disturbing message, adding free expression is vital to a healthy university culture. between construction and higher add mix rates, uc berkeley is becoming a crowded campus. according to the "east bay
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times," cal pushed hundreds of new students off their main campus. some freshmen are living in dorms at neighboring universities, others have classes in places like san francisco. many students say that's not ideal circumstances but are still grateful to be accepted. the fight to keep city college of fran free is getting a little star power. >> i'm danny glover and i have bad news. we're at the risk of losing free city college, a huge feat that was accomplished not even a month ago. >> supervisor james kim tweeted this video out from actor and musician danny glover making an appeal to keep the board free. the board of supervisors will decide today if they will eliminate tuition or not. glover is a graduate there himself. changing a dirty diaper when you're out and about is sometimes a challenge. now one san francisco leader reportedly wants to make it a
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little easier. supervisor katy tang today will introduce any legislation expanding the number of die per changing stations at city buildings. president obama signed a similar law for federal buildings. this measure would require businesses that already have changing tables in women's restrooms to make them available in men's restrooms as well, so we can finish our dinner, too. san mateo county leaders are pressing pause. supervisors will vote on an emergency moratorium putting an indefinite halt to all non-medical growing and sales. that's to allow the county to divide the plan to implement voter approved prop 64. supervisors last week approved the idea. today they're going to hash out specifics with legal staffers. also coming up, a preview of what's to come with rainy weather starting in the north
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bay, kari? >> when we get rain, the sierra gets snow. there could be up to two feet of snow there. we'll talk about that and our impact from the storm coming up. we've got a live look. this is 101 on the peninsula. traffic moves well. the roads, in fact, experiencing very little delay. we'll show you where there's some slowing and update the traffic as well. tapped to be our next secretary of state, donald trump makes it official. rex tillerson will be the nominee. can the ex-mobil exec make it through congress? donald trump makes his pick on a
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pivotal cabinet position overnight. breaking news now, donald trump makes his pick on a pivotal cabinet position overnight. his nominee for secretary of state. plus, getting answers. in a matter of hours federal investigators are expected to reveal what caused the deadliest fire in oakland's history. the information we're learning ahead of that press conference. and a sexting investigation involving several bay area high schools. the popular websites that students reportedly used to exchange sexually explicit photos. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. kari hall has the storm ranger ready to go. that little red beam is going around, the doppler radar. >> ju ear


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